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R v P & V (2017)

  • Clayton Rice, K.C.

A police officer¬†received information from a confidential informant that P and V were trafficking cocaine and the drugs were stored at the residence of P’s relatives. The police set up surveillance and obtained a tracking warrant to install a GPS device on P’s vehicle. P and V were seen at three different residences and followed to other areas of the city. The police believed the trips were to conclude drug deals. Based on the surveillance and informant information the police obtained three search warrants for the residences. When the police arrived at the residences to execute the warrants V was seen leaving one of them with a red shopping bag. He drove to another residence and went in with the bag. The police then entered and P was found sitting in the living room next to a red bag that contained cocaine and heroin. A pretrial challenge to the admissibility of the evidence obtained by execution of the search warrants will be brought.

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