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The Ability to Control Data Is a Protected Privacy Interest
  • March 31, 2024

The British Columbia Court of Appeal has upheld the ruling of a trial judge excluding a critical pocket-dial recording from evidence at the trial of Samandeep Singh Gill that resulted in his acquittal for the murder of Manbir Singh Kajla….

From the Hands of Third Parties: Privacy and Internet Protocol Addresses
  • March 15, 2024

The Supreme Court of Canada has held that internet protocol addresses attract a reasonable expectation of privacy in a ruling that will have wider implications for the private sector including internet service providers, search engines and artificial intelligence generators. The…

Law Enforcement Disrupts LockBit and Taunts Administrator
  • February 29, 2024

A sprawling operation by an international consortium of law enforcement agencies has seized the infrastructure and website of the notorious LockBit ransomware group. Over the last five years the seemingly untouchable purveyor of ransomware-as-a-service rapidly grew into one of the…

They who give up liberty for security deserve neither liberty nor security.  

- Benjamin Franklin