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Entrapment In Alberta
  • October 31, 2017

There has been a recent upswing in entrapment cases before the Alberta courts. I will discuss two where stays of proceedings were entered. One is the unreported ruling of Justice Earl C. Wilson in R v Saggu, Q.B. No. 150883536Q1,…

The NIT Warrant
  • October 20, 2017

Privacy International is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established in 1990 and based in London. It defends the right to privacy and has litigated or intervened in cases implicating the right to privacy in the courts of the United Kingdom, the…

The Digital Strip Search
  • September 30, 2017

On November 20, 2016, Muhammad Rabbani arrived at London’s Heathrow Airport. Mr Rabbani is the international director of CAGE, a British non-governmental organization working to empower communities impacted by the war on terror. He was well known to the authorities….

They who give up liberty for security deserve neither liberty nor security.  

- Benjamin Franklin